Musical Game Trainer -Solfeggio 1.6

Musical Game Trainer -Solfeggio 1.6



Size:20.8 MB

Date Added:30 May, 2014

Author: Amu.Inc

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-Difficulty can be chosen now.

-Now able to listen to sounds after setting the phone to mute from earphone jack.
-Now able to enter notes even while listening to the sound.

-To listen/check the notes that you selected, tap the "review" button.

-To get a reference tone, tap the "reference tone" button which is on the right side of the Solfeggio logo.

-Tap the "answer" button to find your score, a different melody plays depending on your score.

Absolute pitch, or perfect pitch, is the ability to reproduce a tone just by listening.

"Music Game Trainer -Solfeggio", will enable you to refine your audible comprehension and your knowledge of musical notation anytime and anywhere.


How to play:

1. Choose difficulty mode of easy, normal or hard.
- Difficulty of questions will be different at each level.
- There will not be sharps in easy or normal modes.

2. Select a reference tone of either 440Hz, 441Hz or 442Hz.

3. Press the "listen" button, and carefully listen to each set of tones.
- Each question contains five individual notes tuned to equal temperament.
- These notes are randomly selected and played for each question.

4. Answer the question.
- Input your answers on each of the interactive music sheets.As you tap your finger on the display, a note will appear.
- To get a reference tone, tap the "reference tone" button which is on the right side of the Solfeggio logo.
- To listen/check the notes that you selected, tap the "review" button.

5. All questions can be played as many times as you wish. You can also modify your answer until you press the "answer" button.

6. Press the "answer" button, which will show your score.
- Tap the "answer" button to find your score, a different melody plays depending on your score.

7. Press the "next" button to try for the next challenge!

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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